My Story

Welcome to my creative world.

My name is Efrat Shifrin. I have been a jewelry designer and a goldsmith for over 30 years. The jewels are mostly handcrafted, made of the finest gemstones and other materials like Sterling silver, gold, copper, and other materials, all combined into a beautiful reflection of nature. Each piece is inspired by the materials, who "show me the way" to the desired design. Many of my creations bring the essence of historical cultures, combined with timeless chic. While creating a jewel, I put emphasis on casual elegance and ease of wear.

Over the years my designs have become familiar to locals and around the Globe. Many of the jewels are one of a kind, so there is a rich variety of unique designs and new ones are being created every day or two. See them as a part of my soul, gifted to you, with love and appreciation  


                   Fran Efrat.

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